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What Are the Benefits of a Halfway House?

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More often than not, people who are discharged from a rehabilitation programme in the UK are advised to spend a certain period of time living in a sober living community. In London, they are required to stay in halfway houses (also known as sober houses in other parts of the country), which are often associated with a drug and alcohol rehab. In these facilities, they live with other people who are in the same situation as them as part of the full recovery process. So, what are the primary benefits of halfway house?

1. It gives residents more time to transition from living in a rehabilitation centre to going back to the real world.

While living in a sober living community, people who are recovering from alcohol or drug dependence are surrounded by fellow housemates. This would be a great opportunity for them to live and thrive with different personalities, which is an invaluable life skill. In the real world, encountering different people is part of life. In the halfway house, they will be taught to be able to tolerate and live together in peace, which helps prepare them to be part of the society once again.

2. It prepares residents for education or career upon discharge.

No matter their age or gender, people who have suffered from addiction have usually had troubles with their education or career. Maybe, they were expelled from school or fired from their companies due to addiction. By living in sobriety, they will get an opportunity to go back to school, get a new job, or volunteer for a cause. In a way, this therapy helps residents re-enrol in certain classes and set new career goals, applying new healthy habits they learn from their rehab programmes.

3. It offers an atmosphere with a focus on recovery.

A halfway house for recovering addicts is very helpful in a sense that it lets them focus on recovery in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Generally, this facility uses a set of amenities and implements a regular and strict regimen of recovery, such as meeting attendance, to ensure that residents will not relapse and achieve success in getting back a normal life. Peer facilitators will see to it that patients will get into their routines safely and vigilantly, and eventually look forward to taking part in their recovery.

For example, The Next Step (TNS) in Thailand treats patients in a facility that is designed to make their journey to recovery more comforting, relaxing, and even inspiring. Basically, they have all the necessities: swimming pool, gymnasium, game room, dance area, meditation space, martial arts area, creative arts space, kitchen, BBQ, etc. All of these makes the facility feel truly comfortable for patients.

Moreover, the TNS village also offers different types of accommodation, including modern boutique rooms, which are more sociable, and Lanna-style cabins, which patients prefer if they want more freedom to individualise.

Now, if you or a loved one is looking for a place to fully recover from addiction in the most comfortable way, you can get in touch with TNS through email, [email protected], or by phone, +66 95 141 9000.

4. It does its best to help residents get well and back into a good life.

Typically, those staying in a sober living facility are surrounded and supported by other people who understand their position and want them to get better. They will have a programme set up that directly benefits them in terms of reintegrating into society. This programme usually includes building a sober support network, counselling that revolves around their particular conditions, housing, new employment opportunities, and outside meetings. All in all, these activities help patients attain healthy personal, physical, mental, and spiritual goals.

5. It helps residents develop accountability.

Most importantly, sober living will teach those recovering from addiction to be accountable for themselves. Aside from the strict rules that come with it, it also includes regular drug tests and other similar screenings that are intended to guide patients towards responsible living. While its policies may seem tedious, they are actually put in place to make patients adapt, listen to direction, become part of the recovery process, and ultimately regain a drug-free life where they can also improve on their financial situation.

A sober living facility has been gaining popularity for the essential solutions it offers to one’s journey to recovery from addiction. Basically, it is a necessary step toward continued sobriety. But to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, just make sure to find the right centre that offers the best on-going recovery aftercare for your particular case or a loved one’s. This way, you will be able to overcome your problem once and for all!

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