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Thailand Addiction rehab FAQ


Here is a list of frequently asked questions about our program and services:


I am nearing the end of my time in primary care rehab and am anxious about returning to the “real world”.  Would secondary care at The Next Step be an appropriate move for me?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our clients join us straight from rehab.  Your apprehension is common for those nearing the end of their stay in primary rehab.  Read more about the benefits of continuing care here.   


I was in rehab a while ago and although I haven’t physically relapsed, I have found myself struggling.  What should I do?

This is not uncommon but obviously has the potential to culminate in a physical relapse. Getting to the bottom of why these struggles have occurred asap is imperative and this is an area we specialise in. 

Read more about our Arrested Relapse Program here.


After a period of sobriety, I have just recently relapsed.  I don’t think I can handle another spell in rehab.  Is that my only option?

Not necessarily.  A full assessment would need to be made but it is possible that if a “slip” has occurred, access to The Village may be a possibility after a short detox.


Does drug and alcohol testing take place? 

Random drug and alcohol testing does occur to help keep the community safe and supported.


Is the facility staffed overnight?

Yes.  There is always at least one member of staff onsite overnight if you need support.


I can’t see your prices.  How much do you charge?

The amount we charge can depend on the treatment you receive.  Please contact us for more details.


Are meals included?

Our package is purposely not inclusive of meals because the nature of our sober living environment lends itself to providing you with freedom of choice. Most clients choose to eat together in the many excellent, great value restaurants nearby to The Village.  However, we do provide a kitchen along with regular trips to supermarkets if a client wishes to cook themselves.


What if I have a special diet?

We have access to a chef who provides top quality meals fresh or frozen.  These are tailored for any client’s needs.


How long is a recommended stay at TNS?

28 days is the minimum required stay but we recommend at least three months to give clients their best opportunity of achieving long-term recovery.  In fact, approximately 90% of all our clients have happily chosen to either extend their stays with us or return at a later date.


Is there a time limit on how long I can stay?

Not at all.  We have clients who have lived with us for over a year in a sober living capacity.


Do I get my own room?

Each guest can choose between an en-suite room or cabin, both of which come with a good sized balcony area.  Full details of our rooms and facilities can be seen here.  


Am I allowed to use my phone, laptop etc at TNS?

Hi-Speed Fibre Optic Broadband is available throughout The Village 24/7.  Unlike in most primary rehabs, there are no time restrictions.  This is essential for keeping in touch with loved ones while some clients even choose to run their businesses from here in tandem with working a solid, safe recovery.  


How much therapy do I get?

In addition to Process, Focus and SMART group sessions, you will receive a minimum of one or two formal 1-2-1 sessions with your counsellor each week.  However, you are not limited to just two.  If you need additional assistance, our team is there for you.


Are all parts of the program compulsory?

Only Process, Focus and SMART Goal group sessions are compulsory.  The rest of your schedule will be completed when choosing from multiple optional components.


Are there strong fellowships in Chiang Mai?

A key reason for choosing Chiang Mai to undergo this part of your recovery is due to the very strong network of all fellowships here. There are several hundred people working their recovery in Chiang Mai at any one time so finding a meeting that meets your needs won’t be a problem.


How will I get to my meetings?

Our support team will endeavour to get you to any meeting that you may wish to attend.


Am I allowed visitors?

Yes.  However, this needs to be agreed with your counsellor in advance to ensure it is therapeutically positive.


Does insurance cover rehab?

In many cases, yes.  Former clients of ours have successfully made claims in the past.  Contact us for more details.


Will I need a visa?

This would be dependent on your nationality and desired length of stay.  Do not worry though as we have experts on board that will take care of these issues.  The hassles of arranging flights can also be taken care of by our experts when you are ready to join us at TNS.


What should I do next?

If you’re interested in what we have to offer here at TNS.  Contact us via this page.  We will try to arrange a call at a time of your convenience.



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