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Free Yourself from Depression and Anxiety and Live a Fuller Life

Free Yourself from Depression and Anxiety and Live a Fuller Life

Our society is constantly changing, thus the various preferences of everybody else when it comes to work, lifestyle, and individual habits. Because of the drastic changes in the world for several decades now, some people simply can’t cope. This opens the door to depression and anxiety.

According to Dr. Jean Twenge, author of“Generation Me”, and one of the headline-making psychologists, the “Me”, or “Millennials”, or “Boomers” generations (from 1980s to the present), are more anxious than their ancestors, simply because they are reshaping society, redefining what it means to be an “individual”.

No wonder more and more people, especially teens and young professionals are becoming more vulnerable to depression and anxiety, making the rehab for depression and anxiety more prevalent in this modern society.

However, if this happens to you or to someone you know, never hesitate to contact The Next Step for a holistic approach to depression and anxiety help.

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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two different disorders, but they oftentimes co-exist, making it important to seek both depression treatment and anxiety treatment.

To differentiate, major depressive disorder (or simply depression) is a serious mental illness which is commonly diagnosed with at least two weeks of sadness or overall low mode across any situation. Eventually, it can lead to a variety of physical and emotional problems that can interfere with a person’s daily life.

On the other hand, anxiety is the feeling of fear and worry when faced with certain things or circumstances. When anxiousness goes beyond the “normal” feeling, it is then considered an anxiety disorder which can affect a person’s day-to-day activity. That feeling of incapability usually leads to depression.

There is hope through rehab

Although depression and anxiety may become serious mental illnesses, which must be addressed accordingly, it is still curable. You can always find help in an anxiety rehab or in depression treatment centers.

The Next Step provides the abstinence and support approach to total freedom from substance abuse, addiction, and even depression and anxiety. Unlike other traditional rehabs, we see to it that your journey to sobriety and mindfulness are not superficial, but genuine through personal engagement with nature and local life in the village.

To achieve complete recovery, we always encourage our participants to face their fears, find the cause of their anxiety and the primary reason of their depression, and find the strength to deal with such problems. With our unique and comprehensive tools, we always consider The Next Step distinct from other depression treatment centers, and depression help facilities.

Arresting Relapse

Substance or alcohol abuse, sex addiction, anxiety, and other causes of depression can be eliminated in the process when inside The Next Step’s eco-friendly facility. However, a relapse may occur within the first year of becoming sober. That is why a relapse arrest is essential.

The Arrested Relapse Program of The Next Step is conducted with the proper management of experienced mentors. So, our clients don’t need to worry of their safety. We do a weekly LER-based program based on our client’s needs, incorporated with on-site therapeutic activities such as counselling, group activities, and weekly workshops on three key recovery foundations: Emotional Sobriety, Purpose & Meaning Mentoring, and Recovery in Action.

We, at The Next Step make our clients our priority. We assure that you can become yourself again – full of dreams and purpose in life!

  • For most treatment centers the “missing link” is what happens after primary care. At The Next Step I have seen first hand not just what happens, but the ongoing results of what they provide.

  • TNS has given me the opportunity to understand why I relapse and to plan for purpose & meaning in life. Without that purpose, I will be forever relapsing.

  • Whatever challenges life throws at me, I will be able to face them head on because I know that I have the care and support from the guys at The Next Step.

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