Living Experiential Recovery

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Our Residential Treatment Facility for Growth in Recovery

The Next Step Village is a collective expression of the people who spend time here. Just like us it is perfectly imperfect, requires dutiful care and has endless promise for growth.

Adorning the central Lanna-style pavilion (Chan Bon), the peaceful gardens, meandering pathways and bounty of natural, reclaimed features provide a relaxed, rustic setting for inspiration in recovery.

Residents of The Village all play a part in making our community what it is, in the shape of the Living Community Project. Through our combined contributions we create a home, a meeting place, a holistic centre for spiritual and wellness activities, an academy for learning, a playground for imagination, exhibitions of our work, and a convivial environment for growth in recovery.

Those with common passions share their life skills, including:

Decorating, restoration, gardening and horticulture, vegetable growing, painting, sculpture and ceramics, photography, event management, creative writing, cookery and baking, music workshops, local culture and history, jewellery-making and fashioning both functional and ornamental features to inject colourful personal touches to our surroundings.

The community is whatever you share.

Most of our work involves reclaiming used materials, and organic produce is sourced from local villages and hilltribes. We then have both local and international friends who come to share their talents at The Next Step, enabling immersive, creative experiential activities to great therapeutic effect. The project encourages authenticity, resourcefulness, willingness to learn and sustainability as integral to our recovery action. We also encourage client residents to consider employment in areas using their new-found recovery skills.

The Living Community Project has no time constraints, it is an ongoing organic endeavor. However, we review our progress on a weekly basis to see the improvements we are constantly making.

The Living Community Project invites villagers and friends to be at one with what it naturally offers – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our resident monk holds weekly meditations in the gardens and the villagers can invite friends over to grab a hand-baked delicacy with a Thai-infused twist! Our home here at The Village is a natural gift that we share equally in the spirit of recovery.

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  • For most treatment centers the “missing link” is what happens after primary care. At The Next Step I have seen first hand not just what happens, but the ongoing results of what they provide.

  • TNS has given me the opportunity to understand why I relapse and to plan for purpose & meaning in life. Without that purpose, I will be forever relapsing.

  • Whatever challenges life throws at me, I will be able to face them head on because I know that I have the care and support from the guys at The Next Step.