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Arrest the Relapse Process with The Next Step

Addiction is a progressive disease which will only worsen unless arrested. A relapse is when a person ‘picks up’- uses alcohol, drugs or acts out again in their addiction of choice – after a period of abstinence. Every addict dreads a relapse, because there is simply no knowing how it will all end.

Our specific Arrested Relapse Program is delivered at The Next Step Village, Chiang Mai, which offers a safe, pleasant and calming environment at a fraction of the cost of a primary facility. It focuses on providing help for those who:

  • Have recently relapsed, but want to act now to arrest any continued using
  • Are struggling with emotional sobriety and relapse feels imminent

Although relapse often occurs within the first 12 months of becoming clean and sober, it is well known that no addict is 100% safe from succumbing to their disease. So how do you know you’re heading for relapse?

The process of relapse begins well before the physical action takes place. Early signs include:

  • Old addictive behaviours start returning, eg: going back to places I once used
  • Denial patterns in the person’s belief system resume, eg: “I can have wine in my food”
  • Recovery-based actions drop off, eg: “I can’t get to my home group meeting, work is more important”

Relapse is essentially a lack of recovery. However, our research and experience shows that it is perfectly possible to arrest the relapse process, if a program is followed to treat the diseased behaviour. 


On arrival at The Next Step, clients undertake a full general health and risk assessment. If a physical detox is deemed necessary, this would be medically supervised by our affiliate primary care clinical team. Upon completion, the client would then enter the Arrested Relapse Program at The Village. Some clients request a sober companion to travel from their point of origin to The Next Step, and where possible we will deploy one of our most experienced mentors. 

A weekly LER-based program will be tailored to your specific needs, incorporating a range of on-site therapeutic activities including 1-2-1 addiction counselling, group focus/process, smart goals sessions and weekly workshops on 3 key recovery foundations: Purpose & Meaning Mentoring, Emotional Sobriety and Recovery in Action.

However, our LER approach ensures that you are never far from real-life situations. We will encourage you to practice your healthy, recovery-based actions ‘out and about’ as we take part in social events, engage with your hobbies and passions, and through service you do by helping others.

Our Arrested Relapse Program focuses on your ‘freedom from, and freedom to’ in recovery. If your greatest passion is riding motorbikes, we might even take you on the sober ride of a lifetime…

For more information on how Living Experiential Recovery or our specific program workshops, step your fingers this way for Our Approach.  

  • For most treatment centers the “missing link” is what happens after primary care. At The Next Step I have seen first hand not just what happens, but the ongoing results of what they provide.

  • TNS has given me the opportunity to understand why I relapse and to plan for purpose & meaning in life. Without that purpose, I will be forever relapsing.

  • Whatever challenges life throws at me, I will be able to face them head on because I know that I have the care and support from the guys at The Next Step.

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