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On the Road to Recovery: What Happens on Your Journey to Sobriety?

There are a lot of ways you can experience enhancements in your life as you slowly turn a new leaf from an addict to a recovering one. But the path to recovery is fraught with challenges. It could dishearten you to keep on fighting and even tempt you to give up whenever you start the...
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Make Your Life Easier by Tackling Your Addiction

Sometimes life can be so demanding and demeaning, and it basically makes you want to scream for help. There are different ways you can develop some sort of escape that could help you deal with problems, and they usually are dangerous to your health. Through various vices and activities, you will feel right at home...
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Helping a Friend Recover from Addiction Easily

According to the Addictions and Recovery Organization, 15 to 30 percent of those who are alcohol- or drug-dependent suffer from addiction and depression at the same time. But there are several other causes. Some of the most common causes include chronic physical or emotional pain, depression or anxiety, family history, and poor coping skills when...
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Five Doable Tips for Preventing a Relapse

Lots of people think addiction can’t be a disease because it’s the person’s choice to use alcohol or drugs. While the early stages or first few uses may have been their decision, once the brain has been affected by the substances, it is believed that the individual loses control of their behavior. This is one...
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How to Avoid Relapse Triggered by Boredom in Recovery

Did you know that boredom in recovery and after recovery is a trigger for relapse? People who are bored or disengaged in life could be struggling with sobriety. After all, the lack of excitement in their lives is one of the reasons that they used alcohol or chemicals just to experience any form of fun...
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What Are the Benefits of a Halfway House?

More often than not, people who are discharged from a rehabilitation programme in the UK are advised to spend a certain period of time living in a sober living community. In London, they are required to stay in halfway houses (also known as sober houses in other parts of the country), which are often associated...
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Feel Great Again and Learn How to Let Go of Self-Disappointment

Alcohol and drug use may have made you feel good but it also made you a different person. Looking back at your addiction, it was indeed dark times for your physical and mental state. You may have done things you did not intend to do or you may have given up on what was once...
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Top 5 Signs Indicating a Drug Addiction

Have you always asked yourself “Am I an addict?” Dealing with alcohol and drug addiction is not a walk in the park. When left unaddressed or untreated, it can alter your mental behavior and physical state. Some people may consume alcoholic beverages or take drugs once in a rare while, but little do they know...
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6 Reasons Why It’s Important to Follow a Routine in Recovery

According to research conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), an estimated 40% to 60 % of those who are trying to beat addiction through a rehabilitation program would relapse at some point during the first year of their recovery. Specifically, many of these individuals could not stay clean during the early...
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