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On the Road to Recovery: What Happens on Your Journey to Sobriety?

There are a lot of ways you can experience enhancements in your life as you slowly turn a new leaf from an addict to a recovering one. But the path to recovery is fraught with challenges.

It could dishearten you to keep on fighting and even tempt you to give up whenever you start the program.

You should know that the steps you follow don’t provide instant results. It takes time and several processes for you to move forward and fully recover from your addiction.

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Below are 5 things that you will expect to happen as you try to sober up and regain a healthy life.

5 Truths about the Road to Recovery

1. There is no official cure.

There is no pill or medicine that could get rid of your addiction in a snap or a hypnosis technique that could help you fully forget your tendencies. Addiction is a sickness in the brain that clings to you and forces you to feed it through cravings.

It can be stopped through the holistic and experiential therapy that we offer here at The Next Step Chiang Mai, and with sheer perseverance in believing that you can manage yourself. There is no shame in asking for help and using tools to help you recover, it is indeed ideal that you should seek help once you realize you are suffering from addiction.

What to expect when getting sober? Getting sober doesn’t necessarily mean the cravings end, but they get manageable in the process. At first, you will find yourself highly emotional and crave for the things you’re used to. It might be difficult but you will surely develop a sense of defiance against that strong urge as you continue to fight it off.

2. Getting better has no magical formula.

When you ask someone how they managed their addiction, you can’t expect it to be effective for you too. You can try it out and test it for yourself, but never be disappointed if it did not work in your case. You can research or ask a professional how to manage your addiction and follow their suggestions instead.

3. Recovery is an action.

Maybe you did plan out your entire schedule for the day and hoped that you can stick with it till the end, but without the strong will to actually put your plans to action, it will never happen.

You should push yourself to do better and actually do something about your addiction. You can mourn your past lifestyle and control your cravings, and you should always prepare to work hard for your goals.

4. Change your lifestyle entirely.

The first few days of sobriety is challenging, but you must never snap back to your old habits once you made actual progress. Recovering is not as easy as simply getting rid of the addictive lifestyle. It involves actually changing your usual activities and avoiding influences that introduced your addiction in the first place.

You also need to change your mindset about your life and your perception of your struggles. It may seem tricky but never lose hope.

5. Invest in a healthy lifestyle.

It is a must but not something you expect to be done right away. You can slowly ditch the cancerous activities you once enjoyed and replace it with a healthier habit.

Being healthy physically can also help you with possible relapse and enhance your mental health. This also means meeting other positive people who are willing to be a part of your recovery and provide overall support. It may take time, but it will surely help you become the better person you want to be.

At The Next Step Chiang Mai, we will help you make your way to recovery less stressful. We can guarantee that, with your cooperation, you will be able to recover from addiction and find your purpose in life again. Find out more about what we do by checking out our website or contact us at

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