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The Top 5 Triggers That Cause a Person to Have a Relapse

Addiction is not just a one-time battle that, once you’ve overcome, you can already declare that it’s over. It’s a continuous struggle of getting better and staying that way. Without proper treatment, you could succumb to its negative effects and subsequently destroy yourself.

One of the biggest downfalls of anyone who went through addiction is relapse. It only takes a few pokes on the right spot for you to fall into this trap. It’s like a thief in the night waiting for the right moment to steal away all the hard work and efforts you’ve exerted to have a sober life.

There’s a way to get around this problem.

What pushes you to go back to your old ways are called triggers. These are different for everyone, but there are five standout triggers that are very common to most. Knowing what these are will help you stay alert for relapse symptoms when you come across them and to better care for yourself.

1. Emotions

When you’re sad or angry, a strong feeling overwhelms you and it would seem easier to just turn to illegal substances to cope. That is the easy way but you can do more than that. Talk to friends, family, and other loved ones. Don’t let the sadness, the rage, and other negativity get the best of you.

Contrary to people’s belief, it’s not just the negative emotions that can lead to relapse but even the positive emotions as well. You can get too happy in a party or too in love with someone that you lose your better judgment.

2. Stress

Aside from emotions, stress is another strong factor for a relapse. As your body and mind gets overwhelmed by anxiousness, worry, or fear, you can easily find yourself turning to drugs for relief. But there are more ways to keep up with stress. Take a break and turn to relaxing activities instead. Removing the stressor will help you calm your mind without taking any illegal drugs.

3. Objects of Addiction

Seeing paraphernalia and actual illicit drugs is one quick way to trigger a relapse. You need to have a strong mind and willpower to resist these objects of addiction when those are in front of you. As much as possible, avoid getting in contact with these things, especially when fresh out of rehab. Exposure puts you at risk of a relapse and is the same as saying “I want to relapse” by choice.

Take yourself out of situations where there are sources of temptations. Like what they say, out of sight, out of mind.

4. Environment

Avoid an environment that would expose you to illegal drugs. Skip the places where you use to hang out and use, and stay away from people who you used to do it with. They might only lead you to a situation where you would most likely try out the things you have been staying away from. Choose a better environment where you won’t be thinking about substances that you were addicted to.

5. Overconfidence

The last problem you would be facing is yourself and your ego. Sometimes, being too confident of your sobriety can lead to your downfall. Don’t push yourself into something that might only lead you to turn back to alcohol or drugs. Acknowledge early signs of alcohol relapse or drug dependence to prevent any further negative results, such as a relapse.

After rehab, you need to look out for yourself. Know your triggers and find a way to overcome them. Stay on the path of sobriety by educating yourself nonstop, starting with this short guide. More importantly, seek professional help to help you ensure that you are on your way to recovery. With this in mind, contact us, The Next Step Chiang Mai. We can help you find your sense of purpose and your way back toward the right direction. Contact us by visiting our site or sending us an email at [email protected].

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