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Thailand Addiction Aftercare Programs for Rehab


Because we fully understand the insidious nature of addiction, providing a continuum of care is an intrinsic part of The Next Step promise. For this reason we offer Outreach, Outpatient and Supported Living services to ensure you never feel alone.

Whatever life after The Next Step looks like for you, you will automatically continue Living Experiential Recovery, and the door to The Village will always be open for re-connection and ongoing recovery care as required.

We know that no-one’s recovery can be taken for granted, So our job is to ensure that when you leave us you feel well prepared for your onward journey, and quietly confident in the relapse prevention plan mapped out together with your counsellor. We then provide ongoing Outreach, Outpatient and Supported Living programs, which can be tailored to your needs. These are organized in various ways, as outlined below:


This assumes that you are non-resident in Chiang Mai.

  • First week check-ins with a member of The Next Step team, and beyond as necessary
  • Weekly (or less/more) Skype/virtual counselling sessions (most popular Aftercare solution)
  • Weekly Skype group meeting available on recovery and relapse prevention topics


This assumes that you are resident in Chiang Mai.

  • First week check-ins with a member of The Next Step team, and beyond as necessary
  • Weekly (or less/more) face-to-face counselling at The Village, Chiang Mai
  • Weekly Skype group meeting available on recovery and relapse prevention topics

Village for Life Membership (for Outreach and Outpatient Villagers)

Many Villagers who ‘move on’ to their next step in recovery benefit from becoming a ‘Village for Life’ community member. Living Experiential Recovery lives on through this ongoing connection.

As part of the Village for Life, members have access to a healthy program of village-based activities, healing and recovery workshops, meetings, guest talks, mindfulness and meditation groups and social events. We have a dedicated creative corner on the main stage deck where you may choose to share your recovery journey, and exhibit any therapeutic work that has helped in your personal recovery.

Your connection with the community also provides the opportunity for you to do service with existing villagers in the form of skill-based teaching or recovery mentoring, either associated or separate to AA/NA fellowship sponsorship.

In short, The Village is a motivational home, and we want our recovery friends to be able to stick with the winners here, through our bond of experiential recovery living.

Supported Living (Transitional Housing)

Following a residential program at The Next Step, we provide you with the option to move into one of our supported living accommodation properties. Here, you can continue your recovery journey in your own home, or sharing with friends and like-minded people, while going about day-to-day life with independence. The requirement for this recovery stage is 6 months sobriety.

Our Supported Living keeps you connected to the community program, as much or as little as is helpful to you. You may choose to participate in meetings, groups or workshops that are particularly relevant to your recovery path, and it also gives access to 1-2-1 mentoring and addiction support from your counsellor.

We will take a look at the accommodation options with you to assess the best facilities and location for your ongoing recovery life needs.

All in all, The Next Step care continuum is just the next step towards your next step.

  • For most treatment centers the “missing link” is what happens after primary care. At The Next Step I have seen first hand not just what happens, but the ongoing results of what they provide.

  • TNS has given me the opportunity to understand why I relapse and to plan for purpose & meaning in life. Without that purpose, I will be forever relapsing.

  • Whatever challenges life throws at me, I will be able to face them head on because I know that I have the care and support from the guys at The Next Step.

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