Living Experiential Recovery

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Our Living Experiential Recovery Approach

Our Living Experiential Recovery Approach

Living Experiential Recovery (LER) has been collaboratively developed by global experiential learning specialists, together with recovering addicts from a wide range of geographies and social demographics – each with between 3 months and 38 years sobriety.

The LER approach to addiction treatment was conceived by The Next Step founder and Head Counsellor, Paul Lovegrove and is drawn from 40 years experience working in the addiction treatment and mental healthcare sectors in Australia, Asia and partnering with specialists from the UK. Paul is passionate about making addiction treatment relevant and meaningful for today’s society.  The Next Step pioneers living this experiential recovery model which focuses on restoring purpose and meaning in an individual’s life, through connections with others, when they are faced with recovering in the real world.

A word from the founder

“The Next Step’s approach and philosophy aim to be contemporary and inspiring. We go further than traditional rehabs, and we intentionally specialise in the crucial recovery phases of secondary care and relapse prevention through a sober living environment. We aim to be more ‘supportive’ than ‘restrictive’. We teach addicts and alcoholics how to live again with freedom, to face challenging life circumstances, unshackled, in the constantly evolving world.

The LER recovery model is carefully designed to improve the chance of long-term, sustainable sobriety. It ensures that this chronic and life-long disease is met with a daily program that is raw, real and most importantly, relevant to the individual living with their addiction, today. These are our 3 Rs, because we no longer focus on text books at The Next Step.  We use what they teach us and enable people to apply it, in the present, through living experience, today or tomorrow.

Living Experiential Recovery is a powerful, organic platform for embracing discovery, change and the creation of a dynamic new recovery life that brings excitement. That’s why we say: ‘You haven’t come this far to only come this far’: we focus on the freedom from addiction, and the freedom to discover your true purpose. If an individual recognises the killer nature of their disease – which is with them for life – they will find that our motivational team will match their passion and commitment to recovery accordingly. We do what we do because the greatest results are achieved when an addict never feels alone.”

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  • The simplest way I can put it is ‘purpose belief’ and a genuine provision of care.

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