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How to Avoid Relapse Triggered by Boredom in Recovery

Did you know that boredom in recovery and after recovery is a trigger for relapse?

People who are bored or disengaged in life could be struggling with sobriety. After all, the lack of excitement in their lives is one of the reasons that they used alcohol or chemicals just to experience any form of fun and engagement.

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Are you or someone you know in recovery?

It is important to understand and be aware that boredom will put you at risk of a relapse, flushing all your efforts for treatment down the drain.

Why is being bored in recovery a threat to a recovering addict?

Moments of stillness will cause the brain to turn internally, digging deep into ideas and thoughts that, more often than not, are destructive.

Ask people why they do drugs and many of them would say that there was nothing else better to do. That is the power of boredom.

In recovery, you are in a place that is quiet and devoid of distraction. Without engaging activities to turn to or access to stimulating environments, you will be forced to listen to sounds that are ugly and unmanageable.

When this happens, relapse occurs.

This is why stagnancy can drag a recovering addict to a dark path, where they lose control and sink back into the addiction they have been trying to get rid of.

How to Combat Boredom in Recovery

Understand the difference between boring and calm

It is natural for people in recovery to feel bored when they finally stop struggling to fight against their addiction. They often misconstrued calmness for boredom. But what is really happening is life that is manageable, free from addiction, and devoid of crises. This state can be seen as a compensation for the turmoil and chaos experienced during addiction. See it as a gift of peace of mind, serenity, and tranquillity and not being bored. When you become aware of the difference, you would stop looking for things that will prevent you from relapse or make you think of drinking alcohol or using drugs to pass the time.

Get a new definition of excitement

How about looking at recovery as tons of fun? The kind of activity that can give you the same adrenaline rush you felt when doing exciting and often dangerous stunts.

How about looking at “normal” life as exciting and satisfying? Nothing could be as thrilling as knowing you are on your way to a full recovery and to become a part of society again.

Learn something new

To keep boredom at bay, you should do activities that engage your mind, body, and spirit. If you learn something new and succeed, your mind and body will be rejuvenated and your spirit satiated.

Challenge your body

A physical challenge can reduce stress and improve your mood. It will also push you to achieve greater strength that could aid in your recovery. So train for a race or master a yoga pose you find difficult.


Doing so can give you a higher sense of purpose and add meaning to your life. This will give you the kind of high that will not only keep boredom out but also keep you busy.
Volunteer for a cause that you are truly interested in or that is close to your heart to receive the most benefit.

Boredom in recovery is among the relapse triggers that will put a recovering addict at risk. By recognising it for what it is and its role in your journey to sobriety, you will rise above it.

You should also take advantage of our Arrested Relapse Program for empowerment and to increase your chances of combating boredom and other triggers. Learn more about our recovery programs by visiting our site and emailing us at [email protected] or call us through +66 095 141 9000.

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