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Feel Great Again and Learn How to Let Go of Self-Disappointment

Alcohol and drug use may have made you feel good but it also made you a different person. Looking back at your addiction, it was indeed dark times for your physical and mental state. You may have done things you did not intend to do or you may have given up on what was once your lifelong goal.

During the process of sobriety, understand that relapse is part of recovery, so you might return to alcohol or drugs but that can be controlled eventually. You do not have to be hard on yourself for the stuff you did in the past. Here are easy ways on how to deal with self-disappointment.

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1 – Take a Look Back

One of the first things you should do is review your past actions and learn from them. The chemicals in drugs tend to alter how your brain functions so it will lead you to doing something regretful. Maybe you lost a loved one or quit your job because of your addiction, or something along those lines. What you can do is list down your actions in the past, reflect on them and pick yourself up from your mistakes. You can also make a list of tips to keep yourself productive and positive thereon.

2 – Give Yourself Love and Compassion

Looking back at the mistakes you have made in the past is a painful process but you would not want to feel negative and disappointed in yourself forever. Give some time for yourself and give yourself some love. You can write some kinds word or reflect on the nice things you have done in the past. Tell yourself that you are worth it. No person is perfect and humans are all bound to make mistakes but there is always room for improvement.

3 – Refocus on Your Plans and Goals

Before your addiction, you may have had wonderful plans ahead of you, may it be a job promotion, or proposing to the love of your life, but these may not have come to fruition due your addiction getting worse. When trying for sobriety, it’s your chance to slowly reach for your dreams again. This does not mean that you need to get them done immediately. Take the time to make a plan on how to achieve your goals and with some guidance you will be on the right track.

4 – Forgive Yourself

Last but not least, when dealing with self-disappointment, make it a habit to take the time to forgive yourself. Feel proud that you are taking a step further to recovery, pat your back that you are slowly letting go of the past. After assessing your emotions, tell yourself that everyone commits mistakes and can move on from them. If you learn how to forgive yourself, you will know how to leave the disappointment in the past.

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