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Top 5 Signs Indicating a Drug Addiction

Have you always asked yourself “Am I an addict?” Dealing with alcohol and drug addiction is not a walk in the park. When left unaddressed or untreated, it can alter your mental behavior and physical state. Some people may consume alcoholic beverages or take drugs once in a rare while, but little do they know that it may lead them to addiction anytime soon. If you notice your loved ones experiencing these symptoms, it is time you have them checked.

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Warning Signs of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

1 – Turning Down Social Invites

One of the common symptoms of addiction is isolation, where people would rather prioritize their alcohol or drug intake instead of spending time with their loved ones. There is a situation where a person is invited to attend a wedding or go camping, but decided to turn down the invite because there is no presence of alcohol available, or this person would rather go to a party where he or she can access drugs easily. These people would eventually prioritize their alcohol and drugs over any recreational or social activity.

2 – Taking Lots of Risks

When someone gets really addicted to alcohol or drugs, they would do anything to get their hands on these substances. Some may do illegal business, have sex or sacrifice whatever is dear to them just to earn the stuff they think they deserve. No matter how unethical the act may be, they could not care less about their dignity or loved ones if it means they can get more. Other risky acts addiction can cause are driving fast or getting into fights.

3 – Being in Denial

People who are struggling with addiction never utter the words “I’m addicted” as they are the ones who are always in denial. Addiction leads them to think that they do not have a problem even though the alcohol and drug intake increases. No matter how great the consumption is, they will think it is okay.

4 – Letting Go of Hobbies and Interests

Something that was once precious to an addict will eventually become nothing for them anymore due to the fact that alcohol and drugs are the priority. Someone who was once a piano player has no interest in practicing because they would focus on their intake. Someone who was a regular salsa dancer has lost the will to perform because they would rather spend their time drinking alcohol. This can become difficult especially if this hobby or interest of theirs helped with their physical or mental state in the past.

5 – Getting More and More Obsessed

When one’s addiction becomes severe, their obsession with alcohol and drugs becomes even worse. They will not be able to stand living the day without a daily dose of drugs or alcohol, they will spend all the money they have instead of investing just to get their hands on more, the more it is not treated the worse their obsession will become.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these signs of addiction, it is time to visit a doctor or get enrolled in a sobriety center. Dealing with drugs and alcohol is indeed difficult, but once you start to be aware of the problem, eventually it can be dealt with and results in the future will be great.

At The Next Step we offer a proven program in a beautiful, safe and supportive community, where you can learn to use and practise skills and tools needed in the real world. Our belief is that every addict can live a happy and fulfilling life through long term recovery, with the right support and program in place.

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