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6 Reasons Why It’s Important to Follow a Routine in Recovery

According to research conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), an estimated 40% to 60 % of those who are trying to beat addiction through a rehabilitation program would relapse at some point during the first year of their recovery.

Specifically, many of these individuals could not stay clean during the early stages of their recovery period. This is why rehabilitation centers establish new healthy habits and routines to mitigate relapse and create a strong foundation of structure and consistency for addicts.

one day at a time clock sphere slow patient progress moving forward

Here are the main reasons why it is important to implement a routine in supporting addiction recovery:

1. It offers healthy outlets and stability.

Generally, routines are designed to establish stability for addicts under rehabilitation. Getting sober the first 30 days can feel destabilizing for a patient, and this set of activities can help him quickly adapt to a change in lifestyle that comes in such a period. With the help of mental health workers and case managers, routines can be properly implemented early in the recovery process, providing the patient with healthy outlets to cope with stressful changes.

2. It helps regain optimum well-being.

More often than not, patients who just entered an addiction recovery program have poor health. Now, a regular routine that includes a fitness regimen will help them get back in shape. This is very important as good health is a key factor in fast recovery. Without it, a patient will struggle throughout the rehabilitation process.

3. It makes recovery more manageable.

A routine ensures that tasks are in order in all stages of recovery, making the whole rehabilitation process more manageable. Without a plan in place, a patient can easily become overwhelmed with all the things they need to do at the rehab center.

4. It promotes productivity and provides a sense of achievement.

Due to the element of predictability, a routine is believed by some people to lead to boredom, risking rehab patients to relapse. However, when designed and implemented by individuals with the proper training, routines can promote productivity and a sense of achievement among patients. This set of activities would instill a sense of purpose among recovering addicts and encourage them to pursue new goals in life.

5. It helps alleviate anxiety.

Without a plan for the days they will spend at a rehab center, patients would stray off into the wrong directions. What’s worse, this will make them feel uneasy and anxious, which is not helpful for an effective recovery. With a regular routine, on the other hand, patients will have a good idea of what they will be doing day by day, which will ease their transition into an addiction-free lifestyle.

6. It boosts confidence.

As a patient successfully adheres to a routine for their recovery program every day, they will gradually build confidence knowing that they can actually do it. They will have that mindset that they are able to battle addiction and start a clean life once again.

Final Thoughts

Generally, a regular routine for addiction is structured to include exercise, socialization, hobbies, group sessions, and maintaining good hygiene. Through these activities, it will be much easier for a patient to regain and maintain a healthy and substance-free lifestyle.

Now, if you have a family or friend who has become dependent on certain drugs or alcohol, make sure to suggest a center that uses routines in offering their rehabilitation programs. This ensures higher chances for the patient to fully recover from their addiction.

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