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New Beginnings with The Next Step

Each day, a new beginning. One day at a time. Easy does it. First things first. It’s the first drink/drug that does the damage.

When we get clean and sober, these messages are told to us again and again. It can even feel a little bit ‘groundhog day’. As addicts, we only have a 24 hour reprieve from our illness, so if we just put our head on the pillow and acknowledge gratitude for another clean and sober day, that is a good day. Until it isn’t. Or the novelty wears off. Or your girlfriend dumps you. And then comes restless discontentment, then…

…This is why The Next Step exists: to help you stay stopped, avoid the cyclical return to rehab, and rather, live a rich and fulfilling life with purpose and meaning.

Following primary care treatment, and in early or renewed sobriety, most people find themselves asking some, or all of the following questions: “Is that it?” “So, what next?” “What is my true purpose?” “How the hell do I dance, sober?!”

And that’s where we come in with our Secondary Care and Sober Living programs focusing on Recovery in Action, Emotional Sobriety, and Purpose & Meaning Mentoring. At The Next Step we don’t just want you to get clean/sober and ‘work’ a recovery program – clean/sober doesn’t mean ‘well’, and ‘work’ is, well, work. We look at things differently. We want to help you to get truly excited about living in recovery and discover how to harness your daily steps with a sense of integrity and purpose. That’s why we’ve integrated the approach of a health clinic, focusing on holistic healing and well-being. That is why we say to you, “You haven’t come this far, to only come this far”. Dependence upon mind-altering substances and activities are almost always connected with negative core beliefs, unhealthy behaviours, and distorted thinking about ourselves. These do not just disappear when we stop using. Now, with the support of our health clinic, is the time to dig deep to change this deep-rooted stuff, for your future in the solution without addiction.

The Next Step is a motivational therapeutic ‘village’ in the sublime city of Chiang Mai. We’ve combined our 40 years experience in the fields of addiction, mental healthcare, and furniture-designed therapeutic spaces, with specialist knowledge in experiential learning and therapy. This forms the basis of our action-based methodology, Living Experiential Recovery (LER), where we work collaboratively on your recovery living through day-to-day activities. Our goal, supported by the thoughtful integration of furniture to foster a healing environment, is to give you belief in your own long-term sobriety.

Above all, our passion for recovery knows no bounds. Our program has been created with continual input of addicts at various stages in their own recovery. At no point is the addict in recovery not at the heart of our continually evolving program. And at all costs, we keep Recovery simple. The Next Step is about putting text books down and living recovery through experience, in line with our own 3 R’s: We keep recovery Real, Raw and Relevant.

And as for the crucial 4th Dimension of time: Ready!

Are you ready to take your next step in recovery? We are if you are, and we’d love you to reach out to us today.

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