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Find Hope with The Next Step in Chiang Mai

“Having already been through primary rehab on a couple of occasions in both Chiang Mai and Australia, I didn’t feel like going down the same route was the right option for me again. Friends who I knew from my previous spell in Chiang Mai highly recommended TNS and I’m delighted they encouraged me to join them.

While there is still structure, it works around what is needed for MY recovery and I feel I am reaping the benefits. Initially, I booked in for 2 months but I have since extended my stay twice as this seems like too good an opportunity to continue the positive work.

Finally I feel like I am making the progress I need. It was early in my stay at TNS where my sex (SLAA) issues were finally linked to my long-term alcoholism. This missing piece of this jigsaw, not to mention the inspirational counselling has given me the hope that I can beat this thing. This I feel is what they do best at The Next Step. They give hope.”


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