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The Next Step Self Growth Retreat and Support

Recovery from addiction is more than just achieving sobriety and being free from the shackles unhealthybehavioral patterns. You need to change your ways and improve yourself to stay on the road to long-term recovery.

This is something we truly and fully understand.

Without self growth, there is a risk of a relapse and regression to your old destructive ways. You must choose to make positive changes in your life. You cannot just choose to be sober. The decision alone is not enough. You must actually remain sober long term.

Are you ready to nurture your personal growth?

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Making positive changes in your life begins with a choice.


How does self development come into play?

Deciding to sober up and stay drug-free is one thing. But you need to make positive changes in your life to push yourself to long-term recovery. Failure to do so makes you vulnerable to relapse.

Think of it this way; if you don’t do something to improve your mind, character, and efforts, you are not making impactful changes in your life. When time comes that you are faced with a challenge, you could turn to the one thing you are trying to get rid of – alcohol or drugs.

Simply put, you do the opposite of recovery.

It is important to understand that self improvement is the underlying theme of addiction recovery. It is one of the things that will help you face your emotions and struggles rather than seek a means to escape.

Why sign up for self growth retreats?

We have created personal growth programs designed to help you face the many challenges you will encounter as you undergo rehab and become part of the community again. As part of our comprehensive approach, we also ensure suitable accommodation to support your journey. Our self-development plans will help you deal with the fact that:

  • Recovery from addiction is a long journey to yourself, requiring you to learn self-care and self-respect as a way to develop a better relationship with yourself.
  • Personal growth is a long-term and lifelong process that goes beyond being able to function without the drink or drug of your choice. You need to have confidence in your sobriety.
  • Rebuilding yourself will take time and any attempt to hasten things can lead to a relapse. Part of self improvement is for you to gain confidence and strength over time.

Trust the TNS Way

To help make positive changes in your life, we will provide you with sustainable strategies to go out there, regain your place in the community, and rebuild your life, relationships, and career.
Our self growth programs will guide you in developing new positive and healthy habits, understand what you need to be happy and healthy in your life, and focus on getting better one day at a time.

Part of your retreat is to help others by volunteering your time with other recovering individuals. We strongly believe that the positive impact you make in other people’s lives will fuel positivity in you as well.

Learn more about our self development programs today.

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