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The Next Step Helps Maintain Sobriety

“I have spent several periods in primary rehabilitation. These have given me the opportunity to stop my addictive behaviour whilst there. On leaving primary I have struggled to maintain my non-addictive behaviour and have relapsed. Having tried several times to manage periods on non-addiction I have realised that for me, the problem lies in ‘what next?’  TNS has given me the opportunity to understand why I relapse and to plan for purpose & meaning in life. Without that purpose, I will be forever relapsing.

The TNS team encouraged me to keep involved with the very strong recovery fellowships in Chiang Mai (AA, NA etc) and I’ve used my time here to realise what I want to do next. Working with The Village as part of the Living Community Project, doing simple things with the staff and other residents has given me confidence, ideas and hope for my future. I’ve now set out on a path that will help me maintain my non-addiction. I am still connected with the TNS community of recovering friends, and have move-on accommodation provided by them”.


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