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one day at a time clock sphere slow patient progress moving forward
According to research conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), an estimated 40% to 60 % of those who are trying to beat addiction through a rehabilitation program would relapse at some point during the first year of their recovery. Specifically, many of these individuals could not stay clean during the early...
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Leaving the residential rehab facility might be overwhelming at first. However, re-entering society is a whole different challenge. Many who have undergone detox and rehab have left with high hopes about completely recovering from addiction. However, the outcome turns out to be the opposite and they experience self sabotage. Indeed, this phase is the most...
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Alcoholic drinking alone in the dark
Recovery from addiction is more than just achieving sobriety and being free from the shackles unhealthybehavioral patterns. You need to change your ways and improve yourself to stay on the road to long-term recovery. This is something we truly and fully understand. Without self growth, there is a risk of a relapse and regression to...
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Some people do not believe that alcohol is addictive. Many would consume alcohol on a regular basis, thinking it to not be harmful until they wake up one morning to find themselves already an alcoholic. While this condition is not a serious problem in some cases (when the person only drinks in moderation), there are...
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Drug rehab center in Thailand
More than 30 million people visit Thailand every year for study, or leisure, or for a rehab vacation. One of the highlights of visiting is the people. Generally speaking, the Thais are very gracious hosts: endearing and gentle, with a sense of happiness that is contagious. This is a big reason why Thailand may be...
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  As what most people say, bad habits are hard to break. This is why addiction to alcohol or drugs, as a way to deal with life, is something that’s hard to overcome. While it can be difficult for some people to recover from drug or alcohol dependence, it is entirely doable, especially if one...
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There is a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete a rehab program. However, the transition back to a normal life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies. While you were in drug or alcohol rehab, you had to follow a regimented daily schedule to restore a semblance of normalcy back into your otherwise...
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Each day, a new beginning. One day at a time. Easy does it. First things first. It’s the first drink/drug that does the damage. When we get clean and sober, these messages are told to us again and again. It can even feel a little bit ‘groundhog day’. As addicts, we only have a 24...
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